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PC gamers complain of Call of Duty: Black Ops performance issues


According to player reports picked up on by Strategy Informer, the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops suffers from some rather serious issues. Most notably, players have been experiencing performance dips in single player and multiplayer. As the video after the break demonstrates, the game will stutter and periodically freeze every few seconds, resulting in some undeserved deaths and undoubtedly a fair amount of rage (Destructoid pointed out similar issues in its review of the title).

The issue appears to stem from a memory problem, with users reporting that Black Ops often hogs up much more CPU than is necessary, even climbing as high as 100 percent according to some users. According to Treyarch's David Vonderhaar, the company is aware of the problem, though he offered no further details on a potential fix. Additionally,, which provides dedicated servers for the game, has stated on its forums that the lag is related to an internal game bug and that Treyarch is "looking into it."

We've contacted Treyarch and will update as soon as we hear anything.

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