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The road ahead for updates to Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that inspires rather energetic opinions, but even the game's most ardent defenders will say that the game has issues that need to be addressed. Square-Enix has acknowledged this and promised to start rolling out updates starting this month to address many of the most pressing issues. Not only has the most recent update the player site enumerated several changes coming to the game in November and December, it also outlines the changes due for implementation early next year, and it's quite the list.

Among the more hotly anticipated changes are a set of UI overhauls aimed at mouse and keyboard usage and improvements to the market ward interface. The updates will also see adjustments to skill point awards to help ease out the somewhat spiky nature of current rewards and a reduction of the points needed to attain rank 20, both allowing players quicker access to longer-term content. If you're playing Final Fantasy XIV or simply wanting to see what was on the horizon for the large patches before making a decision, take a look -- there's a great deal of information to digest.

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