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Beseto Japan's PCM audio recorder runs for one week off 4 AA batteries


For old Dead Heads like ourselves, there is nothing sweeter than sleeping in a tie-dyed t-shirt for weeks at a time and living on the road, in search of that great lost chord. We only wish we had one of these new-fangled digital audio recorders while Dylan was rockin' out with Jerry Bear and the gang back in '87. Due out in March 2011, Beseto Japan's DP1000 handheld features three mics (right, left, and center) for either mono or stereo recording, 2GB internal memory, support for microSD and SDHC cards up to 32GB, both Linear PCM (16bit / 44.1kHz) and MP3 recording, and while it holds two AAA batteries (for up 168 48 hours of use) you can attach an external battery case which will give you an entire week of operation with only four AA batteries. Just imagine a week long guitar solo! Your mind would like, melt, dude. Also includes a 300Hz low-cut filter, ten second pre-recording (just in case), and USB 2.0 jack. Open price, but it's estimated retail is ¥15,000 (about $180).

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