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EVE Online's CSM to host public roundtable discussion


Over the past few years, EVE Online's democratically elected Council of Stellar Management has had an increasingly large impact on the game. Initially formed to provide players with reassurances that changes to CCP's internal workings would prevent potential developer misconduct, the council has gone on to be an integral part of the company's feedback-gathering mechanism. Throughout the year, the CSM puts together a list of issues players have with the game or its development. Twice per year, the council meets with CCP in Iceland for the CSM summit to discuss those issues.

On Sunday, November 21st, at 19:00 GMT, the CSM will be hosting a public roundtable discussion along with CSM project manager CCP Xhagen. In an announcement on the EVE forum, council member Dierdra Vaal described the event as an opportunity for players to ask "difficult questions about what we've been doing and how we've been doing it." The list of topics for discussion certainly mirrors Dierdra's sentiment, with hard-hitting issues on the table like post-Dominion nullsec warfare, Incarna gameplay, microtransactions and quality assurance at CCP. At the coming CSM Summit in December, each topic raised will be discussed for a minimum of one hour with the appropriate developers, making this the perfect opportunity for players to have their say. For the full announcement, visit the thread on the offical EVE Online forum.

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