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Dell Streak Android 2.2 update imminent in UK, other territories on the way (update: OTA update rolling out now, locked units in December)

Sean Hollister

Looks like Japan's not the only one that'll have Froyo on a five-inch tabletphone this year -- Dell's official Facebook account confirms that Android 2.2 will be rolling out to the Dell Streak starting this very month. That date's just for the UK, mind you, as Dell plans to stagger the release from country to country for that winsome Stage UI. That said, if you're a particularly astute diner you may be able to get your sweet spoonful sooner than some, as just last evening Dell directed a number of Streak owners to the website pictured above. While that "Continue with Update" button reportedly didn't work and the website has since been pulled, it seems that Dell's considering the idea of letting users directly download Android 2.2 themselves. See what that update might include (spoiler: mobile hotspot!) over at StreakSmart.

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Update: Dell's just put up a new post detailing the Streak's upgrade process. Unlocked units will gradually receive the OTA update starting on November 15, whereas locked devices won't be getting the new goodies until December. Let us know if your slate got the early bird treatment.

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