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LEGO Universe publishes new World Build League zones

Jef Reahard

LEGO Universe hasn't been out that long (it launched on October 26th to be exact), but NetDevil and the LEGO Group are already expanding the family-friendly MMO with three new zones developed by the World Build League. The WBL, formerly known as LEGO Universe Partners, is a group of LEGO fans from around the world who have partnered with NetDevil to create professional-quality player content. To access the new content, travel to Starbase 3001, jump on the launch pad, and select the new area of your choice. DeepFreeze, MoonBase, and Portabello await.

As you might expect, DeepFreeze is a winter-themed zone where you can build a snowman or ride a Zamboni. MoonBase is designed to delight your inner sci-fi geek, as the low gravity atmosphere lets you high-jump to your heart's content while you're keeping a wary eye out for alien encounters. Portabello brings a fantasy feel to the game complete with dragon quest-givers and other genre staples.

Check out the video after the break, and hit up the official website for more details.

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