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Lime Odyssey to be published by Aeria Games


For those fans of all things citrus, Lime Odyssey will set you on a quest for pieces of LIME: key items used for the restoration of a ravaged realm. Don't worry, there's always the ever-present search for guts and glory with classes like Knight or Magician. You can also pursue wealth and fame as a Chef, Tailor, or other non-combat professions. Not only that, but the game will feature a farming system and other rich social tools.

Roleplayers will be happy to know that there is also promise of rich roleplaying "features" combined with robust gameplay. We're not sure how exactly these features will be implemented, but it sounds inviting. You can sign up for the closed beta on the game's teaser site -- just make sure to make an Aeria Games account first. The closed beta is scheduled to start in late Q2 of 2011.

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