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WoW Moviewatch: Gnome Hunter


Work Warning: This video references the running MMO joke, Epeen.

Gnome Hunter
is a new machinima by Bloodvein. The voice acting was performed by Propostris. Gnome Hunter clearly takes place after the Cataclysm, since the eponymous Gnome Hunter shockingly finds a tribe of gnomes preparing to hunt down Deathwing himself. These gnomes are actually my favorite part of the video. I don't know why I enjoy feral gnomes in tribal clothing so much. There's something about the idea of wild gnomes running rampant across Azeroth that tickles my funny bone.

The images and ambience of Gnome Hunter are incredibly strong, and it goes to show how well Bloodvein is growing as a creator. I really look forward to seeing further installments so that we can see what Bloodvein does with the series.

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