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Griffin announces iPod nano Slap wristband

David Quilty

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Sure, you want people to notice your cool new iPod nano, especially when you wear it as a watch. But what if you also want them to think you're a time traveler from 1988? According to Cult of Mac, Griffin Technology has brought back the famed "slap bracelet" in blindingly bright colors for your Quantum Leap(ing), iPod nano-owning self. For use with the newly designed 6th-gen iPod nano, the Slap is a flexible wristband made from silicone and metal which slaps shut around your wrist while holding your iPod securely in place.

Coming soon in a dizzying rainbow of colors, the Slap wristband/watchband is priced at US$24.99. Hopefully this version won't get banned in schools like in they did in 1990.

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