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Hothead asks for help in naming its next game -- and we oblige!

If you see us walking around over the next few days, randomly shouting phrases like "Card Wizard" and "Spell Deck," we need you to know that we haven't completely lost our minds. We're just trying to come up with some helpful submissions for the name of Hothead's next game.

All we know about the game is that it features wizards, and also cards, as evidenced in the screenshot above. Here's a little inspirational fuel for your brain-fires -- let's see if you can top us, possibly ascending yourself to ludological superstardom in the process:
  • Card Carrying Wizard Club
  • Cardmaster's Quest: Eternal Mana War of the Deckwizards
  • Cards of Duty: Black Arts
  • Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Cards
  • Gin Runey
  • Go Fish (With an Enchanted Fishing Pole or Something, I Don't Know)
  • Guess Who: Portraits of Power
  • Hocus Poker
  • Middle Earth Hold 'Em
  • Protect Ya' Deck
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
Just drop your ideas in the comments of Hothead's post, and feel free to also share your cleverness with your fellow commenters below!

[Thanks Austin!]

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