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Priston Tale 2 adds a new region and a mentoring system

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're one of the souls inspired to step into Priston Tale 2 thanks to Beau's recent foray into the game, you picked a fine time to start playing. A large update has just hit the servers, featuring a brand-new area for players to explore. The Damned Burial Ground may be just a bit late for the Halloween season, but it would have fit in just fine as a haven for the restless bones of fallen soldiers and demons.

The game has also launched the brand-new Master and Apprentice system, a setup by which experienced players can get rewards for mentoring newer players about the fine points of the game. Experienced players get to earn previously unavailable in-game items, and new players get rewarded with the full knowledge and experience of a game veteran. The newest update has come with a small selection of new screens as well, available in the gallery below and showing off what Priston Tale 2's engine is capable of producing.

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