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Arkhippo iPhone 4 case gives your baby some back


Does this case make my iPhone 4 look fat?

Uh, yeah. It sure does.

Remember during the introduction of the iPhone 4 when both Steve Jobs and designer Jony Ive touted the thin design? Well, the designers at Arkwhat in Oakland, CA have decided that your iPhone needs a little protection, and instead of trying to make a case with the svelte, skinny model look of the device, they've put it on a diet of McDonalds Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese and triple-thick chocolate milk shakes.

The Arkhippo I case is a plump, cuddly, and cheap (US$24) fatty that you can really grab onto. What other iPhone 4 case do you know of that will stand up on its own without resorting to some sort of mechanical flip-out leg? It comes in a variety of colors, including my favorite -- purple.

You probably don't want to put the Arkhippo I into your front or back pocket unless you're wearing some really baggy pants. Video of the Arkhippo I in action can be found on the next page.

[via Yanko Design]

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