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Panasonic 'Ultimate Pack' with Avatar 3D Blu-ray spotted at Best Buy


If you've been waiting for Panasonic's exclusive pack in of the 3D version of Avatar to bite on a new TV, your time is just about here as Mr. Blurrycam spotted these bundle packs of Avatar on Blu-ray 3D and two pairs of glasses arriving at a local Best Buy yesterday. No word if they're on hold for December 1, but we figure even if you're trying to haggle a salesman down on the price of a new VT25 plasma, it could be a worthwhile bargaining chip anyway.

Update: We've got a couple more pictures for you, while our tipster mentions the street date is still marked as December 1, the glasses in the pack are of the new USB-rechargeable variety. Check after the break for a couple more pictures.

[Thanks, Pastadude]

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