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Civilization 5, Vanquish and more struck by Amazon Lightning sales today

We know we're entering that time of year where you're not technically supposed to buy games for yourself but, rather, for your fellow man. Still, the upcoming wave of Amazon Lightning Deals is making it hard for us to not treat ourselves to a few discounted gems. In fact, Amazon's made it all the more difficult by accidentally revealing the identities and prices of all the offers therein, those monsters:
  • 8:15 AM PST: Write your own epic story each time you play -- Civilization 5 (PC) for $29.99
  • 10:15 AM PST: Suit up in this sci-fi shooter -- Vanquish (X360 or PS3) for $44.99
  • 10:15 AM PST: The premier device in handheld gaming -- Nintendo DSi XL (Midnight Blue) for $139
  • 1:15 PM PST: Customize your spy in this RPG/Shooter -- Alpha Protocol (X360 or PS3) for $29.99
  • 4:15 PM PST: Don't forget to put your hands up -- Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (PC) for $14.99

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