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Atlus bringing DS RPG Radiant Historia to North America in Feb.


Radiant Historia, an original DS role-playing game from Atlus, came out in Japan at the beginning of this month. Atlus USA has revealed that the usually agonizing wait for localization will be shorter than expected, as it plans to release Radiant Historia in North America this February.

In Radiant Historia, "Special Intelligence Agent Stocke" uses a magical book to travel backwards and forwards through time to alter history for the better. So, it's like a fantasy Quantum Leap! Mechanically, Historia uses a grid-based battle system that allows you to move enemies around on the field to help set up combos.

It's not an Atlus DS release without "Spoils," and according to the publisher this one will include a soundtrack CD featuring piano arrangements of Yoko Shimomura's compositions from the game.

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