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Snyderphonics Manta controller takes on Ableton Live, looks (and sounds) great doing it (video)


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We sure do love our obscure instruments here at Engadget. Even something as simple as the Monome, with its grid of 64 pads (and little else) can get the creative juices flowin' when partnered with the right software. Well, we just received word that SevenUpLive, the driver that gets Monome to play nice with Ableton Live (via Max / MSP), has just received support for Snyderphonics' handsome Manta controller. What's this all mean? Well, besides looking great, Manta features velocity sensitive plates and polyphonic aftertouch, which means a higher level of control than many of your boutique controllers. But you need a demonstration, right? Why didn't you say so? Video after the break.

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