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Super Meat Boy PC adds RunMan to the roster, up for pre-order on Steam


You may not be familiar with RunMan: Race Around the World, "a totally awesome platform game" created by Matt Thorson and Tom Sennet, but sadists the world over will get a fresh look at the titular character when Super Meat Boy brings its blend of punishment and pleasure to the PC. He's the second-to-last mystery character in the PC port, revealed today via the IndieGames blog, and sports a speed burst ability (natch). Oh, you had no idea? Yeah, RunMan is fast.

So, in case you were looking to keep score: on top of RunMan, we've also got headcrabs and goo, a robot, Captain Viridian and the Minecraft dude. Sheesh -- who's next, our own JC Fletcher? Hey, some poor Nintendo intern already did all of the heavy lifting. Just an idea! Update: Aaand ... it's Naija! Who? From Aquaria, duh.

Additionally, we'd also like to point out that you can now pre-order the Steam game here for 33 percent off the sticker price, for a limited time. Basically, its the same thing they did for Xbox Live.

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