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OpenVizsla hopes to bring USB sniffing to the everyhacker


Remember that Kinect hack how-to? A key figure in the story was the use of a USB analyzer that was plugged in-between the Kinect and the Xbox to pick up on USB traffic and pull out a log that could be used for hacking. Well, there's a new 'OpenVizsla' project on KickStarter that's aiming to build open source hardware that can put this typically expensive tech ($1,400+) in the hands of more hackers, who use the hardware for anything from jailbreaking locked-down devices to building Linux drivers for hardware. The project was actually started by hackers "bushing" and "pytey," who have worked on hacking the Wii and the iPhone, respectively. They've already raised a good chunk of change for the project in pledges, with backing from folks like Stephen Fry and DVD Jon helping out the momentum, and hopefully we'll be seeing the next generation of hacks enabled by OpenVizsla and its brood before too long.

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