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LG LU3000 quietly shows up, bests Galaxy S in YouTube test

Chris Ziegler

Word on the street is that this 3.8-inch Android 2.2 monster with an IPS display was shown off by LG at KES 2010 a few weeks ago -- the same Korean event that brought us a 70-inch multitouch table, by the way -- and it's just now making the rounds with some real-world demonstrations of what it can do. Granted, comparing YouTube load times between the LU3000 (pictured left), a Samsung Galaxy S, and an iPhone 4 isn't really the best way to prove that you're packing serious firepower under the hood, but to LG's credit, the phone apparently features TI's newish OMAP3630 core clocked at 1GHz (the same processor used in the Droid 2 Global, minus a couple hundred megahertz). Other features are said to include a 5 megapixel cam with autofocus and HDMI-out capable of 1080p; granted, this is apparently a Korea-only special, but if nothing else, it gives us some hope that LG can shoot out some top-notch Android gear going into 2011. Follow the break for video.

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