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Motorola Olympus shows up in the wild, demonstrates unyielding commitment to Motoblur

Vlad Savov

Witness our last review of an Android smartphone from Motorola and you'll know what we think of Motoblur. Then again, we reckon we could get over our qualms when Moto's skin is stretched out over this delectable-looking, supposedly Tegra 2-boasting smartphone. The Olympus has been snapped again, this time by someone claiming to have bought it at a flea market, and it now shows off an HDMI output alongside the standard microUSB connector, both of which are planted on the side of what's looking like a very thin device indeed. The Olympus is carrying over the Defy's penchant for minimal bezel up front, though now that we have something to judge its size against, it does look to be equipped with at least a 4-inch screen. Pretty good competition for LG's Star, we're sure you'll agree. If only we knew when it might launch...

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