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Tofu Boy being added to Super Meat Boy PC in next patch


Team Meat has cheekily responded to yesterday's PETA Super Tofu Boy parody by announcing that it will add the soy-based protagonist as a downloadable character in the next Super Meat Boy PC patch. The character will only be available on PC, since the XBLA can't be patched in the same fashion.

In a blog post, Team Meat's Edmund McMillen said he "repeatedly made fake user names" in PETA's forums, trying to push the game in hopes of a response. Well, he got one -- and so did they.

McMillen added that the parody was "beyond flattering and amazingly helpful," but also had some harsh words for PETA's stance on animal testing. He also reiterated, just in case some folks weren't aware, that Meat Boy isn't actually made of animal meat, "he's simply a boy without skin."

And here come the Robbie Williams "Rock DJ" flashbacks again.

Update: According to Team Meat, the "bit malnourished" Tofu Boy will be playable by typing "petaphile" at the character select screen following the next Steam update.

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