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Adjustments incoming to Final Fantasy XI's jobs

Eliot Lefebvre

The most recent announcement for Final Fantasy XI's December version update covered a wide spectrum of improvements for the new level cap increase, but there are adjustments coming to lower levels as well. Subjobs won't be getting most of the boosts, but several mains will see improved or broadened functionality, starting with Ninjas receiving a long-awaited addition: Universal tools. Available in three broad categories, these tools can be used in place of any specific tool after a character has exhausted the ninjitsu-specific tool.

Corsairs will see a similar update in the form of a new card that is imbued with all elemental powers, once again only usable after specific cards are used up. Beastmasters receive several new pet broths, Thieves acquire a stacking buff to Treasure Hunter when dealing melee damage, and Scholars see a significant improvement to Sublimation based upon level. Take a look at the official list of changes to see what your job of choice can expect with the coming Final Fantasy XI version update.

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