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News Corp plays coy about iPad-exclusive publication, suggests 2011 launch

David Quilty

You've probably heard us mention the upcoming iPad-exclusive publication "The Daily" coming soon from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. In fact, you have likely also read about the fact that it had been delayed until 2011. Well, now we have a maybe/sorta/kinda confirmation of the publication itself, as News Corp.'s chairman and chief executive Jon Miller let it slip that if The Daily does in fact exist, we should indeed expect it to launch in the first quarter of 2011. Speaking to the Business Insider's Ignition conference, Miller said that the iPad blew their minds, and it was a game changer for his industry.

With Richard Branson launching his iPad-only magazine Project last week and The Guardian announcing a new subscription-based news app just yesterday, News Corp. might want to speed up the release of its potential publication as well. I would think Mr. Murdoch wants to be at the front of this trend and not somewhere in the middle, right?

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