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Smedley says EQII players aren't WoW players, but may see their own Cataclysm

It's absolutely no surprise to anyone that MMO companies pay attention to what the others are doing. Turbine looked at free-to-play models and took a chance that has paid off. Cryptic is now testing the waters. Even Sony Online Entertainment has done this with Free Realms and EverQuest II. And of course, everyone watches what Blizzard is doing. After all, with 12 million subscribers, there are things to be learned from the champion MMO company. Now, with World of Warcraft's new expansion on the horizon, SOE's president, John Smedley, offered up some of his opinions to Kotaku -- opinions on Cataclysm and on how Blizzard's decisions relate to SOE's own future plans for EverQuest II.

According to the posted statements, not only have the heads at SOE been considering a worldwide reboot like Cataclysm, but the news is that it is something they've considered for "many years." Beyond this surprise (after all, there was already a cataclysmic event in Norrath's lore -- players just didn't get to play that part as it fell between EverQuest and EverQuest II) was the even larger surprise that came with Smedley's assertion that EverQuest II players are not World of Warcraft players. "We have five years of World of Warcraft experience behind us to know that people that play EverQuest II don't play World of Warcraft. We don't see big dips in concurrency. We see a tiny drop for awhile."

For the rest of the interview, head over to Kotaku and check it out in its entirety. It's definitely interesting reading.

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