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EQII offers blood-sucking rewards for Velious pre-orders


EverQuest II players undoubtedly wish it was next February already so that they could get their hands on the upcoming Destiny of Velious expansion. There's a hunk of new content on the way, including a broader flight experience, more dungeons and a pair of new zones... but three months can seem like an eternity when you want it now.

To take the edge off the wait, SOE has announced a series of rewards for subscribers who pre-order EQII's next expansion -- and better yet, the rewards will be parceled out prior to release. Every month, starting in December, SOE will send a pair of special in-game goodies to those who have proven their commitment to the game.

While SOE is being secretive about most of them, we do know two: the ability to play the new Vampire race, and an Ice Wolf mount. Vampires and wolves getting along? That's not what Twilight taught us!

These Velious rewards are schedule to be handed out December 15th, January 18th and February 8th, and each character on an account "in good standing" will get them. Head on over to EverQuest II to read up on this promotion.

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