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First Look: Ninja Steve for iOS


CEO. Industry Mogul. Superhero. That's the idea behind the upcoming Ninja Steve app. Inspired by the fake story about Steve Jobs being denied the chance to take shuriken onto his private plane, Ninja Steve transforms an urban legend into a deliciously silly idea for a game.

It features a CEO hero named Steve, who leads a secret double life as a Ninja. The developers assure us that "[o]ur character share the name with Steve Jobs, but is a fictional character, he and his fictional company has no relation to Steve Jobs or Apple."

Here at TUAW, we haven't had a chance to play the game -- and honestly, we have no idea whether it's awesome or awful -- but we were tickled by the marketing graphics and the developer was kind enough to give us an exclusive first peek at the game promo video, which appears after the jump.

This is not the first time we've covered the Ninja Steve meme, here on TUAW. Previously, we saw the fake "iPod ninja" concept ad, which we thought was hilarious.

Got any more Apple Ninja spoofs, games, or tributes to share? Let us know in the comments.

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