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Android 2.3 features game development-centric upgrades


The Android 2.3 operating system doesn't just add the "feature" of constantly making you hungry for traditional holiday baked goods (mmmm, gingerbread) -- it also adds improvements to the OS targeted at game development. In the introductory video after the break, Google says that it "focused on optimizing performance and tools for game development."

Android NDK technical lead David Turner outlines improvements designed to smooth animation and increase responsiveness for input. In addition, Google now offers APIs for direct access to "input and sensor events," OpenGL ES, and more. The OS also supports gyroscope sensors for motion controls.

The gaming focus of Gingerbread seems to support the rumors of a Gingerbread-powered PlayStation Phone. Although Google doesn't really need motivation from Sony to up its gaming offerings -- it has its own operating system to distribute, and its own app store to populate.

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