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Two Worlds 2 coming to America Jan. 25, has sold a million in Europe

TopWare and SouthPeak's double-delayed RPG, Two Worlds 2, has finally received a North American release date of January 25, 2011. Later that week, the game will arrive in the U.K. and Ireland, where Topware will take over as sole distributor, allowing SouthPeak to focus on promoting the game in North America. That sounds like a decent strategy, but we're not sure the extra attention is necessary -- it's always been our experience that games with perfectly symmetrical titles practically sell themselves.

Two Worlds 2 has already been received with moderate success in Continental Europe, with the Xbox 360 and PC versions selling over one million copies combined since their releases in early November. (The PS3 version, remember, was held up due to a Blu-ray printing delay.) There's no telling how well the game will be received in new regions next month, but if its critical reception remains positive, we're guessing it'll do a great deal better than its predecessor.

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