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Angry Birds developers to launch 'Bad Piggy Bank' mobile payment system

David Quilty

After millions of downloads of their popular game Angry Birds and a plan to take over the gaming world, Rovio is looking to get a little more from users; they now want to implement a mobile payment system inside the game itself. In an effort to grab a few more bucks from impulsive buyers/gamers they are launching Bad Piggy Bank, which with just a touch of a button will let customers make in-app game purchases without a credit card -- the price of anything they buy will just be added to their monthly cell phone bill.

Rovio is based in Helsinki, Finland and is initially putting the payment system in place on Android with Elisa, the country's biggest telecom provider, but expects to roll the service out worldwide sometime in 2011. While Apple allows users to upgrade 'in-app' from free to paid versions and the buying and unlocking of special features, I do question if they would ever allow something like Bad Piggy Bank to purchase other Rovio games without a link going back to the App Store.

However, I can say that if it were in place I would probably have bought every version of Angry Birds by now, since I cannot seem to stop playing it.

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