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    Canon SD4500 IS reviewed: gets recommended despite some glaring faults


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    Canon's latest midrange SD4500 point and shoot -- known as the IXUS 1000 HS in Europe -- has scored a "Recommended" review by the folks at Photography Blog thanks largely to its excellent image quality (particularly with night shots) and the presence of a big 10x zoom lens packed inside its Elph body. The testers were concerned, though, with the camera's poor 150-shot battery life, 36mm not-so-wide-angle setting and minimal physical controls -- which may drive experienced users loco from excessive button mashing. Its $299 price tag is also precariously close to the beloved Canon S95, which offers significantly better performance for only $70 more. Still, if your budget is rigid and size is key, the SD4500 should suit you and your pockets nicely. To read the full review by the folks at Photography Blog, thanks.

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