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Mythos inches closer to closed beta

It's been a few months since we've heard a peep about Mythos, and even longer since we've heard any type of news about a potential beta or release date. Many of us who played it during Flagship's original beta have been patiently waiting for some kind of sign as to when we could get back to all the dungeon-running goodness we'd enjoyed. Well, word is out that beta signups are now live for the EU version of the game, and players can expect things to get rolling soon.

For those who have never seen the game before, or perhaps would like a refresher, we've tucked a short teaser trailer behind the break for you to check out. With the ability to switch between ground-level and isometric views, Mythos was a game with great potential that was gone too soon. So if you ever liked Diablo or other isometric fantasy hack-and-slashers, be sure to head over to the Mythos site and get signed up for closed beta!

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