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Australian R18+ rating revision still undecided


Sure, the Australian federal cabinet approves of an R18+ rating for adult-themed video games, but official adoption of the new rating has been stalled at the latest Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting in Canberra. GameSpot AU reports that no decision will be made by Federal Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor "before he meets with his Cabinet."

O'Connor explained as much during a press conference, during which he noted the importance of an amended ratings system and that "gamers have grown, and we have to deal with the convergence of film and games." Unfortunately, despite the Minister's hopeful words, a cabinet vote during the meeting reflected that not all Attorneys-General supported the measure (no word on who voted for what). Additionally, O'Connor promises to broach the subject once more in early 2011 at the next SCAG meeting.

For now, the reevaluation of the Australian game rating system is still in the works -- when it will actually occur, however, remains a mystery.

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