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Angry Birds dev Rovio rolling out in-app payment platform with carrier integration

Chris Ziegler

We're sure Finnish software shop Rovio is looking for every way imaginable to capitalize on the immense success of the Angry Birds franchise, and part of that will apparently involve in-app purchases, presumably to buy and download additional content on the fly -- but it sounds like they won't be using any third-party frameworks to do that. Instead, the company's putting together its own micropayment framework and partnering up with carriers to cut them in on the profit, turning first to Finnish network Elisa with new content for Angry Birds' Android build in early 2011. Rovio's saying that other developers are going to be welcome to use the system, and that they've seen "strong interest" for the product, presumably over the prospect that carriers will have an opportunity to profit off an app ecosystem that they've been largely shut out of thus far. Frankly, we wouldn't mind paying 99 cents just to get past a couple levels in the original Angry Birds at this point.

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