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Vanquish's original concept included remote pilots


In his final post on the Vanquish development blog, Shinji Mikami describes an early concept for Vanquish that was less "big action movie" and more anime. Instead of cigar-chompin' soldier Sam Gideon inside the suit, the original concept had the suit as a robot, remotely controlled by three different pilots. This was even before the robodog idea.

"The robot would change forms according to the pilot in charge," Mikami explained, "as each pilot had been specially trained in areas such as shooting, melee, or hover and snipe." The idea "died a quick death," but Mikami noted that he still likes it, and that ideas are "never out of bounds," sometimes appearing in sequels or other new game designs. "I don't know what I will be making next, but considering how fickle I am, it will probably end up being a game completely different from Vanquish." At the very least, he knows it'll be a triple-A game for THQ.

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