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Millenial Media: Apple still top manufacturer, devs heading to Android in 2011


Millenial Media has released its monthly report about mobile advertising, and while things haven't changed too much from the last time they released this kind of data, the usual trends are still in place. Apple is the biggest mobile device manufacturer around, representing 25 percent of mobile impressions across its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad platforms. The iPod touch saw some growth in impressions, jumping up over the Motorola Droid and the BlackBerry Curve to take the number two spot on Millenial's network. And the Samsung Acclaim Android phone release gave that manufacturer a nice boost in impressions, pushing Samsung up to the number two spot behind Apple on the list of top mobile manufacturers.

In terms of apps, the Android platform holds the top spot in the network for most ads (54 percent to Apple's 39 percent), and has seen 10 percent month-over-month growth for the past four months. According to a developer survey, Android is also the platform that most developers expect to release apps for in 2011 (29 percent of developers plan to release apps on Android, while 20 percent say they plan to release apps on the iPad, and another 20 percent on the Windows Phone 7 platform). And games remain the leading app category across the network, with 28 percent of app impressions provided by gaming apps.

Interesting data. Of course, this is only a portrait of what's happening on this specific network, so these numbers may differ from the entire platforms as a whole. But it's clear that Apple is still the most major manufacturer in the mobile space, and Android is definitely seeing lots of action in terms of app releases. That trend will probably continue right on into 2011, as more and more developers expand into Android app sales as well as iOS.

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