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PDP discusses American-style design of Mortal Kombat arcade stick


According to Gerry Block, senior product manager for PDP, the differences between the arcade stick packaged with the $150 Tournament Edition of Mortal Kombat and the popular Street Fighter FightSticks produced by Mad Catz is culturally based.

"Mad Catz did some good work with the Tournament Edition (Street Fighter IV) sticks," Block told Kotaku, "but those are Japanese style sticks for a Japanese game. We thought it would be a lot of fun to respond with an American style stick for an American fighting franchise." That's why the MK stick has parts more traditionally associated with American arcade machines: a bat-top stick instead of a ball-top, concave buttons instead of convex, and parts made by Happ instead of Sanwa. That should make it the ideal stick for the American Mortal Kombat -- and only for Mortal Kombat, thanks to the wacky button layout that game uses.

Other design elements aren't so much America-focused as just nice. The internal components are encased in easily removable transparent plastic for modding, and the bottom of the stick has a memory foam pad for comfortable use on your lap.

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