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Smedley talks DCUO launch and Planetside Next beta

Jef Reahard

Those of you pining away for a new Planetside MMO might want to perk up your ears and mark those calendars. SOE president John Smedley dropped a hint on his personal blog that 2011 will bring the announcement that MMO shooter fans the world over have been craving: Planetside Next beta.

Smedley stays coy in terms of details but does put in a plug for re-upping your Planetside sub if you haven't already. "I can say this -- it's coming along awesome. I can also say that the first beta testers are going to be current Planetside subscribers," he writes.

The blog also mentions SOE's forthcoming DC Universe Online, and Smedley says that a launch date is coming "in the very near future."

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