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Humble Bundle 2 adds Steam & Desura support, revenues top $1.17M


Somewhere in a dank Cold War-era bunker, a gathering of suits is plotting to use the "pay what you want" business model for evil. For now, the strategy continues to make the Humble Indie Bundle #2 initiative a startlingly good success -- for all!

If you can't resist wrapping your bundle in a layer of Steam DRM (worth it for the achievements?), you can now redeem a registration code through your download page that adds Braid, Machinarium and Osmosis to your Steam Library. (If and when Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans are released on Steam, they'll automatically be added to your Library, as well.) Humble Bundle #2 purchasers will also notice a button on their download pages to redeem their games through Desura, the indie-focused digital distribution platform launched by ModDB earlier this year.

Speaking of purchasers, the Humble Bundle #2 has been bought by more than 158,600 good Samaritans (and/or deal seekers) for an average cost of $7.41, as of this morning. Total revenues have topped $1,175,000 since the bundle's release on December 14 and appear poised to surpass the first bundle's contributions of $1,273,613. And speaking of contributions, Markus Persson's chart-topping $2,000 payment was recently bumped by a generous gift from "grflwitz," which came to a nice round number: $3,141.59.

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