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Camera+ 2.0 is in the App Store, contains 328% more wow


We let you know yesterday that Camera+ was coming back to the App Store with a host of changes. The development team has given us the heads-up that Camera+ 2.0 (on sale for $0.99, normal price is $1.99) is now available in the App Store, and the changes are amazing.

The team at tap tap tap obviously listened to feedback from customers and reviewers. The SLR screen that made the app so unique was also a bit of a UI hindrance, so it's been removed. The entire user interface was reworked to make it much more intuitive and unified.

As part of the UI changes, Touch Focus and Touch Exposure were improved to make them much more usable. When these features were added to Camera+ early in its life, I found them to be extremely powerful, but quite tricky to use. Menus are now larger, and included on both the camera screen and the Lightbox.

The app also used to be slow in launching, which was irritating when you wanted to get a quick shot of something. The developers significantly improved the start-up time so it's not so slow. You'll probably remember my comments in the original review about the somewhat freaky image stabilization feature, which didn't work too well. Never fear, it's been fixed.

Other improvements include better effects, borders, and scene modes, but it's the new features that are the big selling point. Those features include:

  • A new shooting preferences panel
  • Timer and burst shooting modes
  • New Cyanotype, Tailfins, and Depth of Field effects. Effects now have sliders to adjust effect amount.
  • In-app purchasing of effects. The first pack is the "I ♥ Analog" effects pack, containing the Diana, Silver Gelatin, Helios, Contessa, Nostalgia, Expired, XPRO C-41, Pinhole, and Chromogenic effects
  • New Light Mat, Dark Mat, Round White, Round Black, Offset, Light Grit, Dark Grit, Viewfinder, Old-TImey, Film, and Sprockets borders
  • New Darken, Cloudy, Shade, and Fluorescent scene modes
  • New 3 x 2 crop, and rotation and flipping of photos
  • Export of geolocation and metadata when when saving photos to the Camera Roll
  • Functions to save and leave photos in Lightbox, commit all edits in photos, copy photos with edits committed, copy photos without edits, undo all edits in photos, and remove geolocation in photos.
  • A new photo info panel showing photo metadata, editing recipe, and a map with the photo location

There were also a number of minor enhancements and bug fixes in addition to the new features. It's good to see this app back in the App Store, especially with all of the changes. We'll have a full review of Camera+ 2.0 soon.

About that 328% more wow figure? That's a rough estimate.

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