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Report: EA developing Madden Curse movie

Justin McElroy

In what has to be one of the odder game-to-movie schemes we've come across, The Wrap reports that EA is currently working on a film based on the "Madden curse" that's supposedly plagued athletes who've appeared on cover art for the venerable football series. Bizarrely, the film is supposedly centered on "a former Madden video game champion who is forced out of retirement just as he finds himself on the corner of the game's cover -- and subject to the curse." So ... wait ... it's someone who plays Madden? You guys ... you guys know what the Madden curse is, right?

You know that game "Would You Rather?" where you have to choose between two reprehensible options? We've become convinced EA is playing a grandiose celluloid version of it. "Would you rather," the company asks, "see a movie about a guy who's good at Madden before he retires from video games or a movie where a kid plays the Sims and accidentally controls the real world?" If "neither" isn't an option, we hope "plucking the foul jellies we call eyes from our skulls before the trailers are over" is.

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