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12 Days of Joyswag: Splatterhouse, Terror Mask statue, and weird collapsible speakers

To celebrate the holidays, we're having twelve straight days of giveaways up through Christmas day. And while we say it's to celebrate, really ... we're simply getting rid of some of the larger packages around the ol' office.

Look, we're going to be honest with you ... it's day nine and we've got some less awesome stuff for you today. Want a copy of the not-so-great Splatterhouse on Xbox 360? Really? Well, how about a copy of Splatterhouse along with a cat-sized Terror Mask statue and a strange set of collapsible speakers? Well, if you insist – you can enter our giveaway by leaving a comment. Find the full rules after the break.

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To enter this giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment with your pick for a more deserving old school game to remake. (Our pick: Willy Beamish)
  2. You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the U.S. or Canada (excluding Quebec).
  3. Limit 1 entry per person.
  4. This entry period ends at 8:00PM ET on Thursday, December 23.
  5. At that time, we'll randomly select one winner to receive Splatterhouse (Xbox 360), mask statue, and collapsible speakers. (Total ARV $80)
  6. For a list of complete rules, click here.

What is Joyswag? Since we don't keep the games and merchandise we receive for review or promotional purposes, it becomes "Joyswag," which is passed along to our readers. Please note that Joyswag may be in "used" condition.

For more info on our policy, click here.

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