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Marvel talks superhero fashion for Marvel vs. Capcom 3's alternate looks


Here's evidence of some impressive attention to detail over at Capcom: a Marvel employee, Chris Baker, helped Capcom come up with alternate color schemes for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that were appropriate to the comics, (mostly) avoiding the "mango Sentinel" variations in favor of costumes that make some kind of canonical sense.

With Baker's help, Capcom added some alternate costumes ranging from the familiar (Spider-Man's black symbiote costume, Iron Man's all-silver '60s "Tin Can" look) to the obscure (the "Iron Spider-Man" look, above, from the Civil War series, or Wolverine's suit from Age of Apocalypse). The costumes aren't perfect, since the shape of the 3D models can't be altered -- they can only be reskinned.

We said Marvel "mostly" avoided the random Marvel vs. Capcom 2 variants. There's one really important exception: a blue Magneto costume was added specifically as a reference to the famous "Mahvel Baybee" video. Old school!

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