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OpenVizsla USB sniffer meets its funding goal, and then some

Ross Miller

It's not iPad nano watch money -- seriously, what is? -- but with hours to go before the final bell, USB sniffer OpenVizsla has exceeded its initial funding goal by more than 400 percent. That's over $70,000 as of this writing, with about 510 backers including Stephen Fry, who was pretty vocal about his support (that must help). If you'll recall, the project -- from iPhone dev team and Twiizers virtuosos pytey and bushing -- aims to make a cheap USB analyzer that can help decode proprietary devices, the popular anecdote being it's the same concept used in the Kinect hack how-to. It's not too late to pledge, of course, and doing so will get you some special goodies. Need more convincing? We're gonna embed Alma the dog's video debut after the break.

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