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2010 game industry holiday card blowout


In the spirit of the season, we bought you a gift. Okay, okay -- maybe "bought" isn't the right word. But we did get you something! First, open this link in a new tab, then this link (also in a new tab), and then hit the play button on the second link. Isn't that warm cocoa just a little bit sweeter? Good.

Now that you're more comfy, we hope you'll join us in perusing the gallery we've dropped after the break. In it, you'll find an assortment of holiday cards from across the game industry, featuring both adorable creatures and anomalous cretins (as pictured above in no particular order). We've selected some of our favorites just before the gallery, so head past the break with us, won't you?

Some notable cards:

Gallery: Game Industry Holiday Cards 2010 | 36 Photos

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