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Gaijin not done with Bit.Trip games yet, working on title for 3DS launch


Sad that Bit.Trip Flux is presumably the last game in the Bit.Trip series? Dry those eyes, pixel lover, because Gaijin Games seems to have something else up its sleeve. CEO Alex Neuse has confirmed that the series isn't quite over, though the developer is "not ready to make any specific announcements yet."

Neuse also told EGMi that the company is working on a title that "will be out within the launch window" of the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo told Joystiq that it "can't wait" to bring Bit.Trip Runner to the new handheld, but Neuse also said that whatever Gaijin does after Flux will be "something totally different" from the standard music/retro games we've seen from the it so far.

Gaijin's CEO does admit that he's making games for himself, and suggests that the next game or series the company puts out might put a twist on "a hugely popular game now," much like Bit.Trip Beat originally twisted the premise of Pong. So you heard it here first: the next game will be Red Dead Redemption, done Gaijin Games-style. We're looking forward to it!

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