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Harmony of Despair discount is today's Xbox Live Countdown deal

You don't want 2010 to be forever remembered as "that year you didn't play a side-scrolling 2D Castlevania game," do you? It's not too late -- or too expensive -- to save yourself from that fate: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is half price today, as part of Xbox Live's "Countdown to 2011" promo.

Today's Deals

Hints (and Best Guesses) for Remaining Daily Deals
  • Friday, Dec. 24: "Solve a Mystery - Your best weapon is the light" (Alan Wake DLC)
  • Saturday, Dec. 25: "Gotta Feeling? - Can you master the moves?" (Dance Central - "I Gotta Feeling" DLC)
  • Sunday, Dec. 26: "A Secret Agent - What is your code name?" (Perfect Dark)
  • Monday, Dec. 27: "Extreme Waves - It's a race to the finish line" (Hydro Thunder Hurricane)
  • Tuesday, Dec. 28: "Lazarus Project - Can you shepard the elite?" (Mass Effect 2 DLC)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 29: "Moneyball - Play the future Monday night sport" (Monday Night Combat. Duh.)
  • Thursday, Dec. 30: "One Foe - A world of good vs evil" (Fable 3 DLC)
  • Friday, Dec. 31: "Find Her - Will you wake up on the edge?" (Limbo)

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