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SWTOR Trooper video kicks some serious -- shut yo mouth!


Troopers aren't in it for glory. They are protecting the Republic. They are protecting freedom. And according to the newest trailer from Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Troopers' duty is to defend the people and the principles of the Republic no matter the sacrifice.

Today, Gamespot posted the latest class video from SWTOR, this one highlighting the Republic Trooper. Videogame voice-over legend Jennifer Hale lends her talent to this exciting trailer, which briefly outlines the Trooper's role in the overarching Star Wars story. The video showcases the incredible weapons and devices the Troopers use to defeat their enemies, even ones as powerful as the Force-wielding Sith Warriors.

If you weren't interested in playing a Trooper class in The Old Republic, you may be now. Take a look after the break for the full video and pop over the SWTOR website tomorrow for the official update from BioWare. For freedom; for the Republic!

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