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NoseDial lets you dial your iPhone with your nose

David Quilty

Hands full of gifts to return after Christmas but still need to make a call with your iPhone? Well don't worry, as NoseDial is here to help you out. NoseDial is exactly what the name implies that it is -- a visual dialer for your iPhone that lets you scroll through your contacts by tilting your phone and then call them by pecking at their picture with your nose. Sure, you still need to be able to somehow tilt the phone with your hand or some other way to move through your contacts, but if your fingers are otherwise occupied with bags and/or inside your winter mittens, at least you can still make a phone call using just your nose.

While you may get some rather odd looks from those around you, NoseDial is a pretty neat concept even if not a particularly smooth way to dial your phone. Available from the German iTunes App Store for a little bit over US$1.00, NoseDial could come in handy on those freezing cold walks to work -- or if you were a super-secret spy whose hands were otherwise tied up.

We've seen some interesting visual dialers and custom dialers before for the iPhone, but this is definitely the first we've seen designed with nose dialing in mind.

[via Gizmodo and Lifehacker]

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