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QWERTY case adds slide-out keyboard to your iPhone

David Quilty

Love that new iPhone you got for Christmas, but miss the full QWERTY keyboard from your old BlackBerry? Feel like the iPhone should be a lot bigger than it is? You're in luck -- Boxwave has released their Keyboard Buddy Case, which is both, ... well, a slide-out keyboard and a case for your iPhone. The case doubles the size of your phone due to the Bluetooth slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which comes complete with a top row of numbers as well as Home and Spotlight search buttons. The Bluetooth-linked keyboard/case charges via USB and has a battery life of about 45 days. That's not too shabby at all.

We have seen some bulky iPhone cases in the past along with some different add-on keyboards, but this implementation seems to be pretty slick. For wanna-be Apple customers, like a friend of mine who refuses to switch to an iPhone because she doesn't think she could possibly use the virtual keyboard, something like this could be a nice compromise. Like the rest of us have done, they will eventually get used to virtual typing, but products like the Keyboard Buddy Case could act as a bridge to bring a few more BlackBerry users over to the iPhone side.

The Keyboard Buddy Case is currently available on sale for US$69.95 (regularly $79.95) with free shipping from

[via Wired and iLounge]

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