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Stranger's Wrath HD dev will 'look to' bring PS3 update to PC for free

While we're no closer to learning if the HD update to the formerly Xbox-exclusive Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath will ever make it to Xbox Live Arcade – either it's got to shrink in size or Microsoft has to bump up that size limit ... again – developer Just Add Water is hinting at another platform that may see the "NOT PS3-exclusive" remake. JAW's Stewart Gilray took to the Steam forums to placate Oddboxx consumers angry about the inconsistency of the PC port of Stranger's Wrath.

Porting the title from Xbox (and an Xbox-specific implementation of DirectX) to PC and OpenGL introduced a number of issues, which Gilray was eager to address. "From a personal note, to read these comments that the game is beyond broken hurts," he wrote in the forums. "I am always incredibly paranoid about that work I/we do and am always self-critical, so please help us fix these issues by providing as much positive feedback as you can with system specs and detailed descriptions."

As users turned in (generally angry) bug reports, one asked the question everyone's been wondering: "Why can't the PC port be as good as the PS3 version?" Gilray responded simply, "Because the PS3 version is not completed yet," before adding, "As for the PS3 version, we will look to bring this to the PC as an update to the current PC version at a later date." While it's far from a promise, it is a reminder that the HD remake isn't contractually bound to remain a PS3-exclusive, and it's also a potential silver lining for anyone plagued by bugs in the current Oddboxx release.

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